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Our Story

Our Story

“I started Berson Business Development to
help small business owners create and enjoy
more-profitable and less-stressful business.”

Sasha Berson

CEO and Founder of Berson Business Development

Here's my story: in 2001, I started my first company. After the euphoria wore off, I realized that running my small business was a nightmare. The biggest headache - I didn’t know how to attract clients, so I was scrambling. Life was hard. I was working around the clock, but I was making less money than I would have if I worked for someone else.
After struggling for a few years, I knew if I didn't find a better way, I would burn out and crash. I wasn't ready to quit, so I went on to research.

Here's where I started: I looked at my most successful competitors. It seemed that they did at least 10 times better, but they definitely did not work 10 times harder. They were not 10 times more experienced and certainly were not 10 times smarter.

So what was the difference between my company and the others? Well, while I was scrambling to find a few new clients, they had systems in place that generated all the new and repeat business they could accommodate. Systems—that was my answer. Although I had tried several ways of attracting clients in the past, I did not have a system. I just tried different methods, and none of them were effective.

I have searched every article, read every book, and studied dozens of very successful small businesses. After years of research and testing various methods, I have designed a system that brought in more new and repeat clients than I knew what to do with.

In 2009 I sold my business and was at the crossroads. Not ready to retire I was looking for something I can be truly passionate about.

In a conversation with another business owner he pointed out that I seem to have many answers for small business problems and appear so passionate about it, why don’t I help others.

It struck me like a lightening! For years I have enjoyed sharing strategies with business owners, but never considered helping them develop systems like the one I used.

Fast-forward to today. Berson Business Development is all about helping small business owners solve the #1 challenge they face – how to consistently get more new and repeat clients, and enjoy life with a less-stressful business.

My team has experts with passion for small business and if you believe this system could work for you, schedule your complimentary 3 Step Roadmap to Doubling Your Clients Call, and we will demonstrate how you can achieve greater success in your business.

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